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Real Estate Advisory

Real Estate Advisory

We own and operate a portfolio of properties in Canada and Portugal, obtained mostly through the rehabilitation process. Further, we also advise on real estate investments, based on the identification of the opp… Read More



We take your individual circumstances and financial resources into account and curate products appropriate to your requirements. We provide you with the best mortgage portfolio advice, be it for your home, inves… Read More

Private Equity

Private Equity

We are dealing representative for boutique investment dealership that focuses on private market opportunities. We believe that our offerings provide qualified clients with the chance to diversify their portfolios by… Read More


Board of Directors

Rahim Lakhani

Rahim Lakhani

President and CEO
Azima Lakhani

Azima Lakhani

Director of Sales and Operations, Portugal
Karim Jiwani

Karim Jiwani

Director of Construction, Portugal

Our Canadian Lenders

Street Capital Bank of Canada
RMG Mortgages
Optimum Mortgage
National Bank
Moncana Bank of Canada
Merix Financial
First National Financial LP
Home Trust
Equitable Bank
Chip by HomEquity Bank
CMLS Financial
Canada Trust

Our Portuguese Lenders

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We take great value in our work and here are some kind words echoed from our clients.
“Just worked with The Lakhani Group! Very impressed with the way they took care of our needs, I feel they went above and beyond what we expected. They were very creative in the mortgage evaluation process and advised us on how to get maximum cash flow from our properties. They were always in contact with us, returned our calls and text immediately, very professional would recommend anyone of their service and will definitely be using them again in the future.” - Shamsher K.

“The Lakhani Group was extremely professional throughout the entire process. They were fast and connected us with their network of professionals – lawyers, realtors, insurance team and made the closing a breeze. They walked me through each step and gave me confidence throughout the entire process of refinancing our properties and reinvesting in larger commercial projects. Top-notch service would highly recommend!”

- Munira G.

“We can only say how excellent the service was with The Lakhani Group from the first meeting, to the closing of our investment property. Rahim was very respectful and understanding and met us on the weekends, specifically since we are busy working individuals with a newborn. They were very informative and brought the best market rates to the table when deciding on the mortgage product. Thank you very much for making the sale happen as smoothly as possible.” - Adrian B.

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