About Us

“We think like owners” – always responsible

In Real Estate since 1983

The Lakhani Group (TLG) is waiting to welcome you to your new majestic home in Bucelas.Notorious for building exquisite properties, TLG delivers homes from the future, changingthe way we exist. Our mission is to build homes that enhance the natural beauty which surrounds them and prove that heaven really could be a place on earth.

We are always “linked” and alert – aware of evolving trends and transitory fads, using our industry-wide knowledge and our local expertise to deliver the best possible asset performance with the least possible volatility and the greatest potential for dependable, growing, long-term returns.


Areas of Excellence


We are a family-owned and operated-generational business with a long term view of the world. Our strong family values stabilize the structure and dynamics of the business.


We recognize the boundaries of a client-consultant relationship. Encourage and recognize diverse values and perspectives, and truly believe that our value is in the flow of the process.



We take pride in keeping the highest standards in maintaining client confidentiality. This is the cornerstone of our business and is paramount for building and maintaining trust.



Our continual investment of time and resources in professional and state-of-the-art accounting technologies is indicative of our commitment to excellence. We ensure proper reporting to our investors that keep up the growth curve.


We instill the practice and discipline of investing regularly and consistently in the market at opportune times. The concept of Dollar-cost averaging is now a true reality for us.


We develop financial models and feasibility studies for clients who are looking to ensure their idea is viable before investing themselves or going for external financing/investment.

Board of Directors

Ramzan Ali Lakhani

Founder (Retired)

Rahim Lakhani

President & CEO


Azima Lakhani

Chief Sales & Compliance Officer


Karim Jiwani

Chief Financial Officer